The content of this blog is split up into separate articles. There are several reasons for this. The topic of film festivals is a broad one, and there are numerous aspects to it. In order to get all the relevant information across, each article deals with a unique part of film festivals.

Different Festivals

The bulk of this blog goes into detail on some of the most popular film festivals of all time. For instance, one article talks about FrightFest. This is a British festival focusing mainly on the horror genre. Another section of the site deals with the Sundance Festival, an event that showcases the very best independent movies. Throughout these articles, there are lists and descriptions of films that have been screened at these events. This is to show how important each festival is for bringing great motion pictures to the world.

Movie Critics

Movie critics are essential to the film industry. They use their years of expertise to determine how good a movie really is. These people have the power to make or break the latest releases. For this reason, a section of the blog is dedicated to discussing them. Readers will get to learn what skills are needed to become a film critic. They will also be told about the impact that the internet has had on amateur reviews.

Use of IT in Films

In modern times people use computers throughout their daily lives. This is reflected in a large number of films. Part of this blog describes some of the best examples of this. Movies from different genres are included, ranging from comedy to horror. Hopefully, readers will gain a good understanding of how dominant IT has become in the world of film. The motion pictures discussed include box office hits such as The Matrix and Weird Science.