The Cannes Film Festival takes pride of place every year in Cannes, France. It is one of the most high profile events in the movie calendar. The festival allows distributors, journalists and the general public to preview new films of all different genres. Documentaries are particularly important at Cannes. It first took place in 1946 and has attracted famous people who work within the industry.

Films That Have Screened at Cannes

  • MASH

MASH is based on a field hospital during the Korean War and follows a group of surgeons as they use humour to deal with the horrors they see. It would later spawn a much more successful television show which is now considered one of the best American sitcoms of all time.

  • Wild at Heart

David Lynch is a very popular figure at Cannes. Wild At Heart is a road movie directed by him and starring Nicolas Cage. Two lovers run away together but are soon pursued by violent criminals. Like all of Lynch’s films, it is very bizarre.

  • Secrets & Lies

Mike Leigh is well known for his realistic films that take an unflinching look at British society. Secrets & Lies is still his most successful movie. It is about a working-class woman who is forced to reconnect with the child she gave up for adoption.

  • Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now is often cited as the best Vietnam War movie ever made. Martin Sheen stars as a soldier who is tasked with assassinating an AWOL officer. The film is a startling descent into human savagery.

  • Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino is a divisive but iconic figure who has helped to shape the style of modern movies. Pulp Fiction is a non-linear story that follows a number of characters who belong to LA’s crime underworld. It contains numerous references to popular culture, as well as extreme violence.