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IT in Movies and Television

IT has been a theme in a range of different media. Often, VPN’s play a role, as characters use them to connect online securely. Occasionally computers are used for comedic effect. Other times they serve more of

Movie Critics

Movie critics watch motion pictures and give critical analysis. They use a mixture of opinion and knowledge to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a film. Ideally, people in this job should have a degree in film

Creating Film Festivals

The biggest film festivals in the world are run by large companies. However, this does not mean that only the rich and famous can create them. The truth is that practically anyone can start their own festival


FrightFest is an annual festival that is held within Central London during the summer. The first FrightFest was in 2000, and it has grown considerably in popularity since then. The event is sponsored by the Horror Channel


The Cannes Film Festival takes pride of place every year in Cannes, France. It is one of the most high profile events in the movie calendar. The festival allows distributors, journalists and the general public to preview


Each year in Park City, Utah, the famous Sundance Film Festival takes place. This is the largest festival devoted to independently made movies. Tens of thousands of people visit annually. American filmmakers get to showcase their new

Reasons for Film Festivals

Film festivals are popular events. They are held annually all over the world by both big and small organisations. There are several reasons why film festivals are held on such a large scale. Early Viewing These events

British Film Institute Festival

The British Film Institute (BFI) Film Festival takes place every year in the city of London. It was first founded in 1953 by the BFI. This event is usually run during late October. A huge number of