Creating Film Festivals

The biggest film festivals in the world are run by large companies. However, this does not mean that only the rich and famous can create them. The truth is that practically anyone can start their own festival as long as they follow several key steps.

Finding The Right Venue

Film festivals will need a venue that contains multiple screening rooms. For instance, FrightFest utilises the cinemas of London. This can be more difficult for low budget festivals. Rather than using ready-made cinemas, the venue space may have to be converted for screening purposes. Seating can also be an issue. The amount of seats available will determine how many people are able to attend the festival.

Attaining Sponsors

Naturally, putting on this event will require a fair amount of money. Getting the right budget is essential for creating an effective film festival. This is where sponsorship plays a vital role. The festival runner will need to find sponsors willing to fund the event. This will usually be in exchange for advertisements of certain brands. For instance, the Cannes Film Festival is sponsored by several large companies such as car and cosmetic manufacturers.


The main goal is to sell out tickets. In order to do this, there needs to be an effective marketing campaign. Awareness should be spread about the festival. Most importantly, people should be given a reason why it is worth attending. One good strategy is to screen premieres.

Getting Film Screening Rights

The more films being screened at the festival, the better. It is illegal to show a movie to the public with the express permission of the copyright holder. For this reason, the runners of the event need to be very careful. Rather than seek out specific films, it is better to give independent moviemakers the chance to submit their latest work.