Movie Critics

Movie critics watch motion pictures and give critical analysis. They use a mixture of opinion and knowledge to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a film. Ideally, people in this job should have a degree in film studies. However, a large number of critics are self-educated.


Critics go to festivals to see films before they are released. Often these events will be a chance to watch a particular movie for the very first time. This allows reviewers to give their opinions early, before the general public can watch the film. Press passes tend to be handed out to high profile and respected critics. One positive effect of this is that amateur critics with ineffective analytical skills are denied access.

Online Screenings

Sometimes, critics will be able to access early screenings of new movies online. They will use VPN services to ensure that their connection is safe. Online screening is becoming more common because of the convenience. Critics can watch from home and instantly write their reviews.

Print Media

Traditionally, critics have used print media to get their opinions to the masses. Newspapers in particular usually contain a section of film reviews. TV guides tend to tell readers which films are being broadcast throughout the week. British film critic Barry Norman was famous for giving an analysis of these films, stating which ones were worth watching. When a critic gets a high enough profile, they can release reviews in book form. Mark Kermode is well known for doing this.

Video and Podcasts

Thanks to the internet, anyone can become a critic. It is now easier than ever to create reviews in video and podcast form. Despite the positive aspects of this, it also means the market has become extremely saturated. As a result, the overall quality of reviews is poor. Therefore, people wanting to be informed should seek out professional critics.