Reasons for Film Festivals

Film festivals are popular events. They are held annually all over the world by both big and small organisations. There are several reasons why film festivals are held on such a large scale.

Early Viewing

These events allow film fans to check out new motion pictures before they hit the theatres. Often, festivals will hold premieres of highly anticipated movies. Members of the press, in particular, find this appealing, as they can publish reviews and articles which will get more attention from readers.


When a filmmaker finishes their movie, they will then have to find a company willing to distribute it. At film festivals, unreleased movies are shown to generate interest. If there is enough acclaim, then distributors will get interested. Often, a bidding war will then ensue, with the winner gaining the rights to the film. Because of this, festivals are ideal for indie directors to find an audience.


The more prominent film festivals are high profile events. They are attended by famous faces. This will naturally attract the press who want to interview well-known celebrities. In fact, this aspect of the festival can sometimes overshadow the movies themselves.


When people visit these events, they will quickly notice that there is a vibrant and friendly film community. Festivals are ideal places to find like-minded movie lovers. Festival-goers can share information and news about the industry. They can even network and potentially find future work.

Q & A’s

While it is fun to simply watch a movie in the cinema, it is even better to see the filmmakers talk about their work live. Festivals usually hold Q & A events where the people behind, and in front of, the camera discuss their movie. This gives film fans the chance to see their idols in real life and even meet them face to face.