Each year in Park City, Utah, the famous Sundance Film Festival takes place. This is the largest festival devoted to independently made movies. Tens of thousands of people visit annually. American filmmakers get to showcase their new work. This can include documentaries, feature films and short films. The event was first set up by Hollywood star Robert Redford.

American Psycho

Based on the controversial novel, American Psycho follows a businessman called Patrick Bateman. By day he is a high profile officer worker. However, during the night, he is a brutal and cruel serial killer. This film is notable for its reality-bending ending where Bateman is shown to be an unreliable narrator.


In Whiplash a young music student enrols at a prestigious school. He is tested to his limits by an extremely demanding teacher. Percussion sounds are a really important part of this movie. The main message of the film is that in order to achieve their dreams, people often have to make sacrifices.


Winona Ryder stars as a teenager who is forced to hang out with the mean girls at school. When she falls in love with the new kid, they both conspire to murder the popular clique who are all named Heather. This movie has a very dark sense of humour.


This sci-fi film follows an astronaut who works alone on the moon in the future. When he meets a clone of himself, a sinister conspiracy is uncovered. Moon has a stripped-back style and clever premise.

In Bruges

After an assassination goes wrong, two hitmen are forced to go into hiding in Bruges. After taking in the sights, it soon becomes clear that there is more to their trip than meets the eye. This film received acclaim due to its sharp dialogue and great comedic timing.